Our online courses are also offered in-person (COVID restrictions apply) to small groups and are ideal for you if:

  1. You are a first time Landlord / Property Manager / HOA Board Member.
  2. You are a more experienced Landlord who plans to hire a property manager or vet a property management firm.
  3. You are an experienced investor but still handle all your operations via paper. Learn how to streamline operations by going paperless with automation!

Whether you’re planning to become an investor or you’ve been doing it for many years, we know that protecting your asset is your top priority! Here are some of the tools you will gain:

*Effectively manage capital projects, renovations & vet contractors
*Create leasing guidelines that prevent discrimination and attract qualified applicants
*The power of knowing your market and the assets of the community
*Streamline your operations through automation (paperless management)
*Preventative maintenance strategies
*The importance of tenant relations – how it can save you court costs & attorney fees
*Humanity & Investing
*Socially responsible investing in gentrifying communities
*How understanding landlord/tenant ordinances and bylaws can make or break you
*Learn how to operationally evaluate assets before you purchase – It’s not ALL about the numbers


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